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Somatic Oriented Psychotherapy in business area



  • To keep employees and managers healthy and relaxed despite a high workload.

  • To keep employees motivated and preventing negative stress in the workplace.

  • Business performance can improve as it refreshes 'thinking' and stimulates creativity.

  • Promotes physical and mental well-being.

  • Concentration improves

  • Efficient time management, so more efficiency

  • Reduces absenteeism through prevention and reduction of physical and psychosocial complaints such as stress, burnout, RSI, stiffness of the back, neck and shoulders

  • Relieves complaints of the neck, back and shoulders

  • Contributes to a positive working atmosphere



Bodytivix consists of a system of exercises and tools to gain self-control over owns mind and body as well as to create a unity between mind and body.

“To say what you feel and to feel what you say is a connected brain”



  • Breathing techniques and exercises

  • Body postures and movements

  • Felt sensations : learning to observe – to detect – to accept -  to integrate

  • Concentration practice : Mindfulness - Meditation: learning to be in the present moment

  • Ergonomic advice: body posture <-> environment


For Who?

For everyone who seeks a happy and full-filled , conscious “soul-full” professional life

note: intervention in Flemish - English of French



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