Perfectie is omdat het imperfect is...

If, as yoga teachers, we try to force ourselves into a perfect mold, only sharing the attractive parts, then we’re digging a hole for our students.... If we can show our students that we are also struggling with aspects in life, and if we can be honest about our own path, then we have the opportunity to lift our students up with us! In fact , this is the way also we should be as a mother, parent, therapist, friend, women, man, ... human being....... me as a mother being honest and open towards my children concerning my feelings and my vulnerability’s for example : I’m feeling sad - and giving them the trust that it is save and ok to be, makes my boys more stronger in themselves .....they learn that everything they feel is ok to feel! It is save! As long as we don’t project it to an other person: AHIMSA - non-violence.... Being honest, speaking honestly, being humble, being vulnerable, allowing yourself to make faults, forgiving yourself , understanding your invisible wars/conflicts/convictions ..., all this so we can create visible & palpable peace in our selves, and all this with a lot of integrity makes us only stronger! This is how we lift the whole world.. this is how PEACE can BE ! It starts in ourself!! This is real Yoga, YOGA ON THE MAT IS CONNECTING WITH YOUR TRUE SELF... TO BE : OFF THE MAT AND INTO THE WORLD.... YOUR TRUE AUTHENTIC SELF NAMASTÉ , NAZALI (I’AM)

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