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To Hug

TO HUG…. brings me to this topic again where I spoke about last week in my yoga classes…

The skin and it’s layers, anyone reflected on it once? Yeah probably when it burdens you…? The relationship with it is usually more of a superficial way…. But what is it really? A kind of protection, like an overcoat…? Yes in a certain way… but not as an armor … it is more like a guide, and an inner mirror… Pure physiologically it is an incredible complex sensory organ, a kind of gateway into the subconscious feeling we posses! Like the lungs it is connected to the inner and outer world! And there is a direct relationship between the skin and the central nervous system, immune and endocrine systems… in simple words: stress, happiness and health is seen, reflected also on the skin! ..allergies, eczema, skin rashes, hyper skinsensitivity… it is all about load capacity, and an ‘out of balance’ load capacity is an out-balanced health… body…

Skin and also lungs, intestines, heart are related to : “relationship”, how do you relate to yourself, to your shadow parts, to the world, to the other, to intimacy, to connection? What do you repress, to what are you allergic to? What is the call of your soul, what is your deeper need? What emotions does your ego part don’t want to be there? … your hidden emotions(fear/guild/shame/anger/insecurity,….. PAIN…) Ok once it was the best solution to hide so it was more save, so you could handle… but you are not then nor the child anymore! Now you can see as an responsible adult that it is ok to feel everything , it will not kill you.

No really, it is not the allergen or the pain or the disease who is the guilty one…. their is no guilty one, no one to blame! …. there is only the suppressed in the subconscious mind who wants to break free, to show it self, it wants to be seen and accepted! And it has its right to be! Life is freedom! Health can only occur when you let free and alive all parts of yourself. Real self-love is acceptance of what there is and presents in you. So the link to YOGA is its meaning : Yoga is one, knowing nothing is the same, it brings you true connection With all there is in yourself and so on with the outside world. Without Judgment, but in kindness and surrender , being in the moment stillness in the mind , in full acceptation of what there is …. and so transformation in the material body will occur… unity will occur! Slow conscious Breath and meditatively being in every asana or pose will show you a way, the authentic way to freedom. You feel the skin, the muscles, the connective tissue, the bones, the heart, the tensions , the emotions, the critical mind…. in an asana. It can be all e-motion (in-motion)! It can all be there! You dance with it all, you breath through it all….. in stead of pushing it away or criticizing…… so you realize that YOU are the warrior, the captain who decides and not so do the hidden aspects, limited thoughts, or anyone outside! Your liberated soul is your guru! You are your guru. Than be “great full” for all limited thoughts-believes, for all situations, for all emotions, for all people who triggered you even negatively : be “thank-full”: all showed you the way to your inner self. “Life is a voyage of discovery” So live your life! Meaningful and real! And living is do-ing! ACTION, So go on your mat and embrace every part of yourself! HUG IT ALL! Don’t just read this with the mind, but be still and feel these words in every cell.


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Sylvie Brown
Sylvie Brown
Apr 17, 2020

Keimoii geschreven lieverd, keep up the good work, knuffel Sylvie❤️😘🌈

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