Via Della Missione... leven is een missie :-)

“Via Della Missione , yesss , life is a mission, a voyage of discovery, a path of revelation.

Rome ... So much history , so much energy, so much of different level impressions, so much beauty as so much heaviness, so much this city is a mirror to me for the fact that we may appreciatie and be great full for the past (this life and others..) and so being able to consciously let it go, to free ourselves, so it is not a burden or an unconscious sufferance but a nice memory, a present.

Therefore as we are humans: a soul in a body temple : realise “our History” is embedded in “our Bodycels” healing ourselves from this history makes us free, “truly free”, so history is not a burden, or a repetition but a greatfull insight -memory and so we can, thanks to our history-with who we don’t identify- be our authentic Self .... to let go and to heal means:

- “loving acceptation of what is” so not wanting it to disappear ,

- “surrendering & being in the moment” so no fight

- “conscious choose-making”: so the mind works for you and not the other way around (investigation of the thoughts: convictions , limited believes and ideas, culture),

- “be present”

- “eat (literally and figuratively) healthy” and

- “breath”

- “forgive yourself”

All this is Yoga, every time in other words, in an other context, all life is yoga,

I thank Rome for the message I felt in it , for me a message to humanity: heal yourself and the world will be free and so in peace and love #healyourself #yoga #rome #consciousness #history #befree #meditation #equanimity

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