Yoga is: HEEL-ZIJN


YOGA is so much more and at the same time so much “lesser” than a work-out... “effortless” , “in commitment” to your self and with “self responsibility” you are on a yoga mat: it is a real WORK-IN: in the simplicity of an exercise(asana) or meditation lies the difficulty, in the SILENCE lies the force, the wealth, the consciousness of the greatest inner lessons and so insights about our ego, our shadows .... through the BODY we discover who we realy are, what stories there are hidden ... the BREATH guides us and relaxes the nervous system, the MEDITATIVE exercise gives insights concerning the MIND at its: ideas, convictions, conditions, addictions, judgements... ALL ILLUSION, which keeps us in an inner prison... The more you ACCEPT all there is, the more you’ll be free! Yoga is a real adventure to the self, being closer and pure in true relationship with your Self , your body and all there is in the mind ... through this inner travel you discover what is real LOVE, and only than you know what is PEACE. #meditation #nazaliyoga #ademhaling #bewustzijn #consciousness #peaceful #peace #freedom #seethrough #genieten #verbinden